ECE 4273 - Introduction to Mobile Communications - Spring 2021

Course Description:

This course will cover the physical-layer design issues in wireless "mobile" communication systems. The major topics covered are: characterization of the multipath propagation channel; digital modulation techniques over wireless "mobile" channels; diversity reception, including the linear combining and channel equalization; multiple antennas (MIMO) and space-time communications; basic concepts of cellular and IoT communications, such as cell splitting and frequency reuse; FDMA, TDMA, CDMA/WCDMA, and OFDM/OFDMA multiple access and massive connection techniques for spectrum sharing among users and devices; UAV/drone based communications for 3D cell coverage towards 5G and beyond.


Digital communications, probability and random process are the required prerequisites for this course. You will also be expected to be able to program in MATLAB.

Text Books

Andrea Goldsmith. Wireless Commununications. Cambridge. 2005.

D. Tse and P. Viswanath. Fundamentals of Wireless Communication. Cambridge. 2005.



The final exam will be taken online from 12:00 to 14:45 (class hours) on Tuesday, June 1.

Please be advised that the final exam will be posted to the course webpage. Please log in the Course Materials: 'Handouts' to download the file 'final4273_2021' which will be available at 12:00 on Tuesday, June 1. Once you finish the final exam, please take a picture of your answer sheets (by smart phone) or create their pdf file. Please send the picture or the pdf file to TA, Jong Ho Moon by email (menia1492(at) by 15:00 (within 15 minutes after the exam).

The following topics will be tested in your final exam:
1) Wireless mobile channels (path loss/shadowing/multipath, delay spread-coherence bandwidth/Doppler spread-coherence time)
2) Diversity schemes (across frequency, time, space), ISI/MIMO
3) Multiple access and interference management in cellular systems
4) Uplink vs. downlink user capacity
5) Capacity of wireless channels (slow vs. fast fading)
6) Multiuser diversity and opportunistic communication

The pre-recorded last lecture (at the end) on 14th week will briefly outline the type of questions and give some tips for the final exam.

Please review the assignments 1 to 4 and practice the old final exam posted on the 'Handouts' section.

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